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Recovery ClubHouse

The Recovery Support Clubhouse

The Recovery Support Clubhouse is a place where adolescents, ages 13 – 17, can spend their out of school time learning the tools, coping skills, and socialization strategies to keep them safe and drug-free. It is located in a neighborhood setting that fosters pride in the community. 

Services are offered in a group setting and include but are not limited to substance abuse prevention education, behavioral health psycho-education, life skills, and daily living skills, Participants learn skills related to cooking, budgeting, time management, decision making, health, and wellness. The group’s pro-social activities include outings, guest speakers, family events, and community service projects. Additionally, the youth participate in life skills groups, social outings, educational supports, career development/exploration, and other activities that teach them how to maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle. Youth are connected to resources that will empower them to make informed decisions about their recovery.

Activities Include: Health and wellness, nutrition education, sporting events, video games, pool table, foosball, and other activities to encourage and develop healthy interests other than substance use. Youth have access to a computer lab, homework assistance, and customized employment preparation. Parents are welcome to participate in field trips, community service projects, and monthly family dinners.
Other Services Include:
Youth/Peer/Family led group activities
Upon completion of the program, participants are encouraged to  
   share their experiences with their peers through Positive Peer Mentoring
Education groups for parents