Yolanda Shorthouse

Yolanda Shorthouse

REACH Coordinator

Yolanda Michelle Shorthouse is a skilled, creative, and knowledgeable professional with a proven track record in program management, coordination, and operations. As a proud mother of her adult sons Xavier and Caleb, she brings a deep understanding of family dynamics and effective communication across all age groups.

Yolanda's experience as a Legal Assistant since 2014 has positioned her as a valuable first point of contact in the Juvenile Unit. She ensures the efficient processing of legal documents and provides substantive legal support to attorneys, while maintaining confidentiality and organizing documents in both paper and electronic filing systems.

Prior to her legal role, Yolanda served as a Paraprofessional at Atlanta Public Schools for 15 years. She provided crucial administrative support and made a significant impact in the classroom, creating lesson plans, facilitating teacher-student conferences, and reporting grades. Through the integration of creative role-play exercises, she successfully improved student participation. Yolanda also established and maintained a Guided Reading Resource Center, teaching lessons on various children's books, poems, movies, and themes to foster student interests. She took on the role of Reading Assessment Coordinator for the SFA reading curriculum and was an active member of the school event planning team, serving as the lead photographer.

Yolanda's passion for working with children led her to collaborate with Director Woodard on the creation of the Fani T. Willis Reach Transformational Youth Program. This program allows her to have hands-on encounters with students inside the school, applying her service skills to shape them into successful citizens in Fulton County and beyond. She expresses gratitude to Madam DA Fani T. Willis, Chief Deputy District Attorney Brett Pinion, and Director of Juvenile Services Aakeem Woodard for believing in her ability to serve, reach, and teach.

In terms of education, Yolanda graduated from Frederick Douglass High School in 1988 and obtained an Associate of Applied Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant & Tourism Management from Atlanta Technical College in 2016.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Yolanda actively engages in community outreach as the Chairperson of The Almond Park Carey Park Neighborhood Association and as a member of the Bowen Homes Focus Group for Neighborhood Housing. She is also involved in the Youth Education Department at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.

Yolanda's hobbies include reading, running, and hiking. Additionally, she is an entrepreneur with successful experience in event planning and establishing relationships within the industry. As a freelance photographer, she regularly captures memorable moments at weddings, connecting with wonderful people and enjoying good food. Yolanda also works as a day-of-wedding coordinator, finding joy in making the day special for brides and grooms.

Overall, Yolanda Shorthouse brings a diverse range of skills, a passion for service, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of others.