Indigent Burials

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Indigent burials

Indigent Burials

Fulton County Chaplain’s Office

The Fulton County Chaplain performs indigent burials, acts as counselor and provides moral, emotional and spiritual guidance to County staff members under the provision of Ecumenical Care.

Indigent Burials in Fulton County

Whenever any person dies in Fulton County, and the decedent’s family and immediate relatives are indigent and unable to provide for a decent interment, Fulton County through the Department of Family and Children Services will provide Indigent Burial assistance in the exact amount thereof determined by the Board of Commissioners.

To apply for assistance, please contact: the Indigent Burial Coordinator listed in the contact card at the bottom of the page.

Additional information about indigent burial:

If DFCS approves the request for indigent burial, arrangements will be made through the Fulton County Clerk to the Commission, the Fulton County Chaplain's Office and Mutual Meadows/ Lakeside Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

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indigent burial contacts

Susan Bailey

DFACS Indigent Burial Coordinator

Rev. Clifton Dawkins

Fulton County Chaplain

Tonya Grier

Fulton County Clerk to the Commission