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Bid Opportunities

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In an effort to improve service and efficiency, as of Monday, May 4, 2020, the Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance will begin utilizing BidNet Direct Georgia Purchasing Group to advertise all new bid opportunities. This system will provide convenient online access to all solicitation documents and information.
You will need to register online with BidNet Direct in order to participate in future bid opportunities from the County -  simply register onlineThere is no charge to register; simply follow the registration path and select the "Limited Access" option.

If you need any assistance registering or using the platform, please call BidNet's Support Team at 800-835-4603 ext. 2 for assistance.

Projects currently posted on the Bid Board will remain until those projects have been awarded. So continue to check the Bid Board for any updates (addenda, award status, etc.,). The County’s old Bid Board site will still be available to search for archival purposes only.

The Department of Purchasing & Contract Compliance also advertises the following projects as required by state law on the Georgia Procurement Registry: