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The 2020 Summer Session for Arts Center programming has been cancelled. Clients can apply activity fees paid for the 2020 Summer Session towards future session registration or send requests via email to your Arts Center. Directions and further information will be provided.You can expect a response to your email within 24 hours on your refund status. Free virtual classes will take place in the summer session. Details will be announced soon.


The Fulton County Arts Council and the Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture serves as Fulton County’s funding agency to support cultural programs and the agency which provides services to Fulton County based nonprofit arts organizations and Fulton County residents.


We believe the arts are essential to the quality of life of our citizens and to the economic and social health of our communities. The mission of the Fulton County Department of Arts and Culture is to insure all citizens’ access to the arts.

For more than 30 years Fulton County Arts & Culture has vigorously pursued quality arts programming through support and development of artists, arts organizations, arts institutions and cultural programming for residents.

In 2019, Fulton County Arts and Culture was pleased to kick off the 40th year of arts and culture in Fulton County. The department is proud to build on a long legacy of quality service delivery under the celebratory theme of 40 Years of Creative Leadership. Click here for the 2019 Annual Report for the Department of Arts and Culture.