Public Art

Public Art

The Fulton County Public Art Program was initiated in 1993 when the Fulton County Board of Commissioners adopted the Art in Public Places Resolution which stipulates that one percent of the cost of acquisition, renovation or construction of any Fulton County building or facility must be set aside for the fabrication, installation and ongoing maintenance of public artwork.

A Public Art Master Plan, completed in 1995 with the assistance of over 200 citizens, provides further guidance for the implementation of the Public Art Program in Fulton County. Since the approval of the Public Art Master Plan, 59 artists have been awarded commissions to create artwork at 52 Fulton County facilities including senior centers, libraries, parks, arts centers, and court buildings. The selected artists have created unique pieces of art that enhance public spaces, making government buildings better places to conduct business and serving to promote community pride.

Additionally, through the Fine Art Acquisition Program, we have purchased art from over 130 Georgia-based artists, representing an investment of $324,000 in the Georgia arts community.

We also offer a range of professional development opportunities for artists, direct purchases of art outside of funding cycles and partnerships on temporary art projects.

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