Summer Youth Job Training Program

Program Descriptions

Atlanta Technical College Foundation on behalf of Atlanta Technical College

Fulton County Summer Youth Employment Program at Atlanta Technical College (FCSYEP@ATC) aims to connect Fulton County youth between the ages of 16-24 with career assessment, educational awareness, goal setting, workforce readiness training, digital literacy skills training, in-demand career exploration opportunities, academic learning styles assessments, adult education services ,technical college admissions (dual enrollment), family engagement services, and wraparound services.

Bobby Dodd Institute

Building off BDI's involvement with GVRA's Getting Ready for Opportunities in Work (G.R.O.W.) program, our efforts will provide students ages 16-22 with tours of local employers, giving them (the students) opportunities to gain knowledge of the skills necessary for the workplace. Those completing workshop sessions will be placed in paid internship opportunities, either internally with BDI or with one of our employer partners, leading to sustainable employment. Internships time period: July 18 - Aug. 26.

Camp Village Inc

The students will learn how to create financial independence through developing their own products, services, and exposure to business endeavors they would like to pursue. They will engage in an in-depth exploration of the business planning process with hands-on practical experience of operating a business and/or preparing for future job opportunities. Training is provided by industry professionals with 20+ years’ experience in 22 disciplines of the students' interest.

Essential2Life Inc

Our Summer program will focus on training/job development in strategic industries which lead to self-sufficiency. In addition, we will focus on in demand career exploration and re-engagement withv educational systems by opportunity youth. Furthermore, we will provide wraparound services to address the basic needs of career development/placement. 

Ignite Resource Center CP Inc

Birthright by Legacy program is a unique "beyond-school" program initially created to help Fulton County youth survive and thrive through the recent global pandemic. The program host is the Ignite Resource Center. This organization focuses on providing resources for the intercity teen and young adults primarily in College Park, East Point, Hapeville, and Union City. We provide access to vital resources that will support them in their life during high school, college, and the workplace.This year, with the worst of the pandemic behind us, the Ignite Resource Center has reorganized the program  from 36 weeks of all remote workshops to a 5-month project that includes 12 weeks of remote, in-person and hybrid events. Specifically, the 2022 BirthRight by Legacy summer internship program focuses on in-person community building with law enforcement, public figures, local business owners, and the school district. BirthRight is the first of its kind designed to give youth (Excelsiors) a better understanding of who they are, how they are connected to their local community, and to better understand the context of their lives in the world as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Using one-on-one personalized coaching and in-depth research conducted by the students, each internship pairing is specifically targeted to The Excelsior's career interests. As a Agency Name Description of Summer Youth Job Training Programresult, each BirthRight internship program experience is distinct. Additionally, we ensure we partner our Excelsiors with businesses that pique theirinterests and provide personal growth opportunities that complement the financial benefits to provide more room for more extraordinary personal, social, and 
professional advancements.

Kingdom Mentoring Center Inc

Our enterprise program provides our youth essential life skills and prepares them for self-sufficiency in these industries. Carpentry, Media, Finance, Trucking, Landscaping and Automotive (General Maintenance). It requires online instructor lead modules and hands-on technical training. On the job skill development in business startups, sales, banking and cash management, client support, problem solving, punctuality, attendance, accountability, teamwork, and communication. Modules include "financial literacy" and "laws of leadership".

Kingdom Of God

Teach and Train the youth on how to own and operate a multimedia studio. Teach them hands on skills that will prepare them in today’s high demand technical and media work force. Due to Covid 19. most companies now offer contactless services, video services, and remote work environment. The summer youth program will teach the youth how to tap into this new opportunity and prepare them for employment or entrepreneurship 

Lionheart Life Center Inc

Lionheart WORKS Summer program provides vocational training to neurodiverse individuals 18 years and older with real work experiences while teaching employment skills. The program is designed to teach independence and communication while matching individual strengths with vocational settings that are selected based on an individual's affinities, abilities, and work readiness. 

Literacy Action Inc

 LAI's summer youth job training program will focus on foundational education alongside career exploration, digital literacy, and workforce literacy. Specifically, it will include up to 32 hours of reading boost instruction; up to 32 hours of math boost instruction; 24 hours of Digital Literacy training potentially resulting in a nationally recognized certification; 16 hours of career exploration and soft skills training; and 7 hours on Accenture Skills to Succeed Program's 30 Interactive Modules.

Los Ninos Primero

Our summer youth job training program will focus on reconnecting Latino youth to their communities. We will partner with two non-profit organizations to expand our job training opportunities. Hands-on training will include:

-Learning how to deliver outstanding customer service, training at two nonprofit retail stores

-Training with small business owners & nonprofits to understand the components & complexities of building a thriving organization

-Training with GA-certified teachers for future teaching roles

Music Education Group Inc

This application is focused on the “job training” community need: providing job-readiness training, skills training, placement and retention; employer partnerships offering quality entry- level employment and/or salaries that meet the cost of living; and leveraging other workforce funding that can be used to expand opportunities for residents. Specifically, for job training in digital multi-media services.

Atlanta is the creative hub of the world. Our culture influences everything across the globe. In fiscal year 2018, Georgia’s creative industry generated an economic impact of $12.5 billion, saw the production of 455 feature film and television shows and was responsible for more than 92,000 jobs, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development. With an increase in the number of jobs relating to entertainment, the state of Georgia still suffers from a lack of a well-trained workforce.

With the rapid changes in technologies used for creative services industries, it is critical that our communities have access to the latest training tools, software and hardware. The state of Georgia is now number one in the world in film production with music and gaming closely following. This has created an increase in the number of jobs in the creative services industries, yet the state still suffers from a lack of a well-trained workforce.2018 was dubbed the “Year of Music in Georgia” and our new theme is “Music is Economic Development”. These factors contribute to our need of highly specialized workers.

Our challenge is to ensure that residents of NPU-V and surrounding communities have an understanding of the wealth of opportunities available to them in Georgia’s music, film and digital media industries. Successful, long-term implementation of our programming will bridge the gap so that NPU-V residents have the training and skills needed for success in these and other jobs in Georgia’s Creative Services Industries.In, addition, we hope to educate the community on how to maximize opportunities for residents when productions come to NPU-V and surrounding communities.

As a result of school districts removing comprehensive music education programs from school curriculums, MEG has filled an enormous need by closing the gap in music and arts education. Our programs cover a diverse range of career opportunities within these expanding Georgia industries while advancing the health and well-being of young people.

The signing of HB155 (Georgia Music Investment Act) by Governor Deal in 2017 focused on the creation of 10,000 new music industry jobs over the next 5 years. The Music Education Group has uniquely positioned itself as the leading service provider of music, film and digital media based educational programming for the City of Atlanta’s youth. We have annually, exposed and trained more than 500 young people and 100 adults. This builds a critical bridge to ensure that our young people are actively engaged in their creative community, while they learn about the business side of some of Georgia’s targeted growth industries.

Three years after signing HB 155, these targeted growth industries are still importing a disproportionate number of workers to fill jobs in the creative services industries. This is due to a lack of training opportunities on the local levels and in minority communities. We have multiple projects being filmed in Mechanicsville, Summerhill and Pittsburgh; yet virtually no residents being employed to work on these projects. This is largely due to a lack of skilled workers and a pathway to jobs.

Noble Truth Project Inc DBA Glaciers Ice Youth Program

Students will be introduced to our scooper position while following our SOPs. We will assist the youth in opening up their own bank accounts, filing their own taxes, and adhering to their own budget. Through the internship program, our youth and young adults will apply their financial literacy and gain work experience

Pinky Cole Foundation

 ● To expose youth to business concepts, creating first generation entrepreneurs while increasing generational wealth in underrepresented communities.

● Students will explore and broaden their understanding of entrepreneurship, gaining knowledge and understanding of the ethical and social responsibility of business owners.

● Students in a cohort model will establish a live business which provides a solution to a community problem/need.

The Investors Academy Inc

The Youth Apprenticeship Job training program serves youth through a hands-on Life Skills/ Warehousing Job training program that provides support with the rigors of higher learning and adulthood. All participants have the opportunity to gain meaningful employment, on the job training and financially literacy classes that will help individuals earn, save and invest their money. 

The Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

Kroc Atlanta’s summer camp program will serve up to 60 children with a focus on recreation and arts education. Children will be placed in a tract which will have them focusing on learning the following: theater, dance, tae kwon do, music, team sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Policies require children to be supervised by two adults at all time. The four (4) youth (ages 16-24) in this job training program will provide support to ensure children’s safety, will participate in activities with them, and will be trained in several competencies to help navigate issues and problems as they arise. Training will include safety and CPR, blood borne pathogens, sexual harassment, and best practices of working with children/mandated reporter.

By pouring into our youth employees and empowering them with job skills and earned certificates, we can help ensure a path in young people that points toward giving back in an industry like education, social work, or non-profit management. The University of Birmingham has shown that children undertaking service-related activities from a young age with strong support networks in place are more likely to develop a habit of lifelong service. 

Time2Give Inc

Time2Give will partner with Memik Inc. ( to train youth on entrepreneurship, business management, operations & marketing concepts while exposing them to bleeding edge technology. Memik is a web3 social platform that leverages NFT/avatars from the metaverse, Augmented Reality and music and video to create content. During the 8 week program youth will become experts in using Memik, learn about NFTs & Web3 solutions, assist with marketing plans and activations within the community. 

Trees Atlanta Inc

 The Youth Tree Team (YTT) program pays high school students and young adults $10-$15/hour during the summer. Participants performhands-on tree care and landscape functions while benefiting from enrichment activities like career exploration services, resume writing and financial literacy training. The goal is to introduce more youth to 'green careers' while helping them develop skills and maturity they can leverage into high demand jobs in the future. In addition to the high school students, our program also hires high school graduates as senior program leads to oversee the student team members and teams. They develop leadership skills and have additional responsibilities. Those will be the Youth Tree Team members who will be supported by this Fulton County grant.

Urban League of Greater Atlanta

The ULGA Summer Youth Job & Empowerment Program supports 16–24-year-olds to tap into their talents, passions, and purpose by preparing them to explore and pursue high demand high paying career and job training opportunities and education. ULGA delivers an evidence-based, culturally competent education, college and career readiness/development program that is integral to economic mobility for the low to moderate income youth.