Incremental Compensation Strategy

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incremental compensation strategy

Incremental Compensation Strategy

The Board of Commissioners and the leadership team are excited to make good on a promise made to employees⁠—Phase II of the Incremental Compensation Strategy (ICS).

Eligible team members are projected to see their salary adjustments on the March 25, 2022 paycheck. 

Below, you will find information on why the ICS was developed, FAQs and an estimator to help you determine your eligibility. 

(ICS eligibility notice portal can ONLY be accessed when connected to the county’s network)



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for employees

incremental compensation strategy faq's

What is ICS?

The Board of Commissioners (BOC), via Resolution 19-0628, authorized the Department of Human Resources Management (DHRM) to implement a one-time step comprehensive compensation adjustment plan. As a result, the Incremental Compensation Strategy (ICS) was created. Under the ICS, eligible Fulton County employees will be moved through the salary ranges for their respective classifications by adjusting the employees’ salaries to target salary amounts that are based on each employee’s individual tenure with the County.

Who is eligible to participate in the ICS program?

Only permanent and part-time employees are eligible. Personal Staff of Elected officials are ONLY eligible if their Elected Official opts into the ICS program. Temporary Staff and Elected Officials are not eligible. Personal Staff of Judges in the Superior and State Courts are not eligible. Those employees will be covered by the Court’s Chamber Staff Compensation Program.


How is eligibility for an ICS adjustment determined?

It is based on tenure and salary being below the target salary, as determined using the one-time step comprehensive compensation adjustment plan.

How is tenure defined?

Tenure is defined as length of time since an employee’s most recent appointment after a separation of six (6) months or longer. All eligible employees’ tenure has been frozen as of January 1, 2020.

If eligible for an ICS adjustment, will a lump sum payment be given?

No, a lump sum payment will not be issued. The goal of ICS is to get you to your target salary by the end of a two year implementation period. Adjustments will be made to your annual salary or hourly rate going forward -- using a phased approach, with the first adjustment in July 2021.

Will compression between supervisor salary and employee salary, resulting from ICS be addressed?

Yes. Adjustments will be made to supervisor’s salary to maintain a minimum of a 5% gap between the direct supervisor and subordinate. Tenure calculations were frozen as of January 1, 2020.

If an employee was hired as temporary, fee, and/or contract employee, and did not have a break of 6 months in service, and later secured a permanent position with the County, will the time spent as a temporary, fee and/or contract employee time be included in their ICS tenure calculation?

Yes. Temporary, fee, and/or contract tenure time is calculated based on hours worked and captured in the historical records of the AMS system. For example, an employee may have been employed for the entire 12 month “calendar year” but only worked a total of 1,280 hours during that period. The 1,280 hours will converted into 7 months of tenure (1280/173.3).

How is the target salary calculated?

Target salary is calculated based on grade and tenure as of January 1, 2020, using the one-time step comprehensive compensation adjustment plan.

Will my ICS target salary increase if I receive a promotion prior to or during the two implementations?

No. Your ICS target salary will not increase if you receive a promotion during the implementation window. Tenure calculations and target salaries were frozen as of January 1, 2020. However, if the employee is demoted, whether involuntarily or voluntarily, the ICS target salary will be adjusted in accordance with the HR Demotion Policy and Procedure 304-16.

I applied and was offered a promotion. My promotional salary is higher than my ICS target salary. Will I become ineligible for future ICS adjustments since my promotional salary now surpasses my frozen ICS target salary?

Example -- I am currently making $50k as a HR Consultant I. I received my ICS notice which states my ICS target salary is $60k. The first adjustment to $55k will occur in July 2021. If funding is available in 2022, the second ICS adjustment will move to the $60k target salary. My promotion to a HR Consultant III has a starting salary of $64k effective July 1, 2021.

Yes. In all scenarios where an employee’s base salary surpasses their ICS target salary, whether due to a promotion, higher than minimum or internal equity adjustment before or during the ICS implementation period, the employee will no longer be eligible for the ICS adjustment. However, we stress that employees should not decline any promotional opportunities in fear of becoming ineligible for an ICS adjustment.