Water and Sewer Connections

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Water and Sewer Connections

Water and Sewer Connections

To turn on an existing connection, or for more information on water and sewer rates, billing, and payment options, please visit the Start Your Water Service.

For Water and Sewer Service Connections and Meter Installations, interested parties shall submit an application with the required project’s information. Records and Documents Coordinator will process applications within 10 business days. Amount of fees will be based on water meter size, and sewer basin, please review “Water and Sewer Service Fees” on Fulton County Website. Below please find the Records and Documents Coordinator contact details:

  • By email - SWPermits@fultoncountyga.gov
  • By phone - 404-612-4244
  • In-person - 11575 Maxwell Road, Alpharetta, GA 30009 2nd Floor. Place application and payment inside an envelope addressed to Water & Sewer Connections, and drop it inside box placed in the hallway

Water and Sewer Service Connections

In areas where drinking water service or sewer service is currently unavailable, homeowners can petition the County to extend service to their homes. Once the petition is received, staff will review the area to determine if the service can reach the homes and will contact the homeowners.
If the conditions are favorable, a preliminary design will be completed for the extension and a package will be submitted to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners for approval of the petition. Upon approval, final design and installation can occur. During the process, a homeowner's meeting is set up to explain the petition process, design impacts, and construction process. Any easements that may be required from the petitioners are to be donations as part of the petition process.

The service petition forms and letters can be downloaded below, or contact Abdul Akbar at 404-612-7400.