Administrative Permits

Administrative Permits

NOTICE:   As of October 1, 2014, applications for administrative permits for Special Indoor/Outdoor Events, Roadside Produce Stands, Roadside Vending , and Seasonal Business Use shall be submitted no less than 30 calendar days prior to the event.  

Administrative Permit Questionnaire for indoor/outdoor event requests.

Beer & Wine/Liquor Serving Permits
Beer and Wine / Liquor Serving Permits are issued through the office of the Chief of Police, located in the Public Safety Building at 130 Peachtree Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Business License and Beer & Wine/Liquor Licenses
Business License and Beer and Wine/Liquor Licenses are issued at 141 Pryor Street SW, 7th Floor, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Will you use tents for your festival or event?  
The International Building Code requires that the Fire Marshal be notified if a tent is to be erected in association with any Festival or Event for which an Administrative Permit is required.

Please note: A Building Permit is NOT required for Tents of less than 10,000 sq feet. A Plan Review and a Building Permit ARE required for Tents of 10,000 sq ft or more.

An application must be made with the Office of the Fulton County Fire Marshal in association with the erection of any tent for festivals and events, regardless of size or function.

Administrative Permit Type 1  (see Zoning Resolution link below)
(Festivals/Events/Produce/Seasonal/Roadside Vending ONLY)
Owner's Affidavit Type 1

Administrative Permit Type 2  (see Zoning Resolution link below)                                         (Parking Offsite/Private Recreation Courts/Tents&Antennas/Towers/Substations)
Owner's Affidavit Type 2
For more information on the laws regarding Administrative Use Permits, scroll  to Section 19.3.