Land Division

Real Estate and Asset Management

land division

Land Division

The Land Division is part of Fulton County's Department of Real Estate and Asset Management. It advises the County Manager and the Board of Commissioners in matters related to transactions and management of its real property interests.
Responsibilities include:

• Acquisition and disposition of real property
• Management of the County’s real property inventory
• Oversight of property management functions
• Interface with user agencies and the general public in matters related to real estate

The borders of Fulton County encompass 529 square miles stretching over 70 miles from north to south. Within that area, over 800 properties are owned by the County. Some of the properties are located within the cities of the County while others are in the unincorporated areas. The Land Division keeps track of all the County’s real property holdings, year-round.

From time to time, the Board of Commissioners will declare certain properties to be surplus to the needs of the County. Those properties are then offered for sale to the public at their Fair Market Value as determined by an appraisal.