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Nonpartisan and Republican Qualified Candidates List - March 27, 2024 FINAL LIST

Democrat Party Qualified Candidates List- March 8, 2024 FINAL LIST

Secretary of State's Qualified Candidates List (State and Federal Candidates)

Qualifying Period: March 4, 2024 (beginning at 9:00 A.M.) through 12:00 noon March 8, 2024, for a Political Party Candidate to file a Notice of Candidacy to have his/her name placed on the General Primary Ballot O.C.G.A. §21-2-153 (c)(1); and for a Non-Partisan Candidate to file a Notice of Candidacy to have his/her name placed on the General Primary/Non-Partisan Ballot, O.C.G.A. §21-2-132, 21-2-172, 21-2-187.

Democrat Candidates will qualify with their party.

Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections will conduct Qualifying for the Non-partisan and Republican Candidates.

Location: Election Hub and Operations Center (EHOC): 5600 Campbellton Fairburn Road-Fairburn-GA 30213


The General Primary will be held on May 21, 2024, and the General Election will be held on November 5, 2024.


April 22, 2024 – Registration Deadline for Changes in Address and Name.


Qualifying Information Packet
Qualifying Fee Notice

Prospective Candidates for the Office of Sheriff:

OCGA 15-16-1 Qualification Requirements for Sheriff
OCGA §15-16-1, requires Sheriff candidates to be fingerprinted before qualifying for office. Each candidate for sheriff, whether current sitting sheriff or not, must have their fingerprints captured for each election cycle.

Fingerprinting Process
The candidate for sheriff will go to the Fulton County Police Department (FCPD) and have their prints captured. It’s important that they run the prints under the purpose code for “OCGA 15-16-12 – Candidate for Sheriff”.  

Fulton County Police Department’s Address:
141 Pryor Street SW, 4th Floor, Atlanta GA 30303

Please note:
Such fingerprints are to be taken prior to close of the third business day after the qualification period for Sheriff. Such period shall begin upon the court’s signature and shall run during normal business hours until March 8, 2024.


(d) Nomination of Candidates

i. Any person seeking nomination to be elected as district supervisor shall be a qualified voter in the county in which he/she is seeking nomination and shall provide to the applicable Election Superintendent, as agent for the Commission, a petition containing the names of not less than twenty-five (25) qualified electors. Such petition must be physically received by the applicable Election Superintendent in his/her office by the deadline for the general election qualifying period.

ii. The Commission shall notify each person nominated for election as soon as practicable following verification of the nominee’s petition by the Election Superintendent.

How Do I Become A SWCD Supervisor? | Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission

Electronic Filing

Fulton County uses the Easy Campaign Finance Portal to receive campaign documents electronically from Candidates and Elected Officials for Fulton County offices.

Easy Campaign Finance Registration Instructions:

  1. Click Register at the top of the page. 
  2. Under User Account Info, from the "Candidate or Committee you represent" drop down menu, choose New Candidate
  3. Select a Position: Filer/Self
  4. Select an Office, Candidate Type: Candidate
  5. Enter your name and other contact information and click Next at the bottom.

Once registration is complete, our office will receive notification to approve your request.

Once approved, you will then be able to electronically file the following:

  • Declaration of Intent (DOI) – file with local county filing officer before accepting campaign funds.
  • Register Committee (RC) – to register and name Campaign Committee
  • Exemption Affidavit Not To Exceed $2,500 – file with local county filing officer if candidate does not plan to spend or receive over $2,500.
  • Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report – File with local county filing officer if spending or receiving more than $2,500 as listed in the filing schedule.
  • Personal Financial Disclosure Report – due to local county filing officer within 15 days of qualifying

Campaign Reports

Local Candidates and Public Officials are required to file their reports with the Local Filing Entity (Fulton County Department of Registration and Elections). Although Local Filers are assigned a Filer ID and password when they submit an eFiling PIN application, they are still required to file the original report with the Local Filing Officer. Although many local filers log into the eFiling system and file, reports are not considered “filed” until they are filed with the appropriate local filing entity.  O.C.G.A. § 21-5-34 (a)(3)(4)

Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report Filing Schedule


Municipal Elections

The Department of Registration and Elections conducts elections for the Municipalities within Fulton County. However, Municipal Candidates and Elected Officials qualify and file campaign reports with their Municipal Clerk.

Please call each municipality for additional information.