Fulton County to restore historic courthouse

Fulton County to restore historic courthouse

March 25, 2019
Fulton County’s Board of Commissioners signaled their commitment to historic preservation of county buildings March 20, 2019, by passing a measure to restore the facade of the historic Fulton County Courthouse.

The $19 million project, part of the county’s $90 million urban redevelopment bond, will maintain the building’s historic status by restoring or repairing pieces when possible or if necessary replacing pieces with the same terracotta material. Also, the building’s roof will be returned to its original slate material.

“This is an iconic building that sees thousands of visitors each year,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman Robb Pitts. “It’s important for us to take care of our infrastructure and preserve our historical buildings whenever possible.”

The chosen vendor, Mark 1 Restoration, specializes in masonry restoration and previously restored the Miami-Dade Courthouse, a building designed by the same architect who designed the Fulton County Courthouse.

“In Atlanta, preserving historical buildings has not always been a priority,” said District 1 Commissioner Liz Hausmann. “This grand piece of architecture is on the National Register of Historic Places, and repairing the façade and slate roof on this 100-plus year old building will preserve the important structure for future generations. I am very thankful that the Board of Commissioners decided to save this majestic building.”