Select Fulton Partners with NOWaccount to Offer Assistance for Businesses

Covid19 business assistance

Select Fulton Partners with NOWaccount to Offer Assistance for Businesses

March 26, 2020

NOWaccount, a Fulton County business, can be a tremendous tool to small and mid-size businesses in need of capital during these uncertain times. Small and mid-sized Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) need liquidity to survive, but taking on debt or factoring can be risky.   

NOWaccount is a payment acceleration system that enables businesses to get paid immediately in a way that feels like accepting a credit card for payment (no loan, no liability, no factoring) when you deliver goods or services to business or government customers.   

“It’s homegrown Metro Atlanta companies like NOWaccount that offer innovative solutions that can help Fulton County businesses not only survive but thrive during these uncertain times due to the Coronavirus,” said Alvin “AL” P. Nash, Executive Director of Select Fulton. “We are beyond thankful to all of our businesses across Fulton County and Metro Atlanta that have stepped up to help our neighbors and our community during this difficult time.” 

With NOWaccount your business get paid immediately for a one-time 3% processing fee.  Customer still gets your invoice with terms, still pays when and how they normally would, still makes the payment out to you, but remits the payment to a lock box or account controlled by NOWaccount.  With NOWaccount you can not only survive during these uncertain times, but you can prepare to thrive.  Any size business can sign up for NOWaccount at