Fulton County Arts & Culture to Launch Public Art Futures Lab

Fulton County Arts & Culture to Launch Public Art Futures Lab

February 17, 2022
The program will expand access to cultural enrichment for all Fulton County residents.
Fulton County residents can continue kicking off the new year by dreaming of the future thanks to the Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture.

On February 7, the Arts & Culture Department launched its new Public Art Futures Lab, which is a physical and online space exploring the intersection of art intersects with life and technology.

“Art lovers throughout Fulton County will be able to exhibit, experiment, educate and experience the role of technology and how it crosses over into public art,” said Arts & Culture Director David Manuel. “The goal is to increase access to cultural enrichment for our residents and provide the tools for artists to thrive in a digital economy.”

“Arts and Entertainment Atlanta (A&E Atlanta) is pleased to partner with Fulton County’s Public Arts Future Lab,” said Project Director of Planning & Urban Design at Central Atlanta Progress Fredalyn Frasier. “Identifying opportunities that provide meaningful support to the creative community downtown is central to the mission of A&E Atlanta. This unique Artist in Residency program will do just that by giving artists the chance to explore the merger of art and technology in their work, and we’re excited about the possibilities.”

While there are existing private innovation labs offered by universities, technology companies and museums, the Public Art Futures Lab is the first Government-led space of its kind in the United States. The goal is to ensure Fulton County Government and the Atlanta region take a national role in leading the broader adoption of technology in the arts through four key objectives:

1) Education, in which artists will learn about the potential application of technology in their creative process.

2) Exhibition and Experimentation, which will explore new places and opportunities for public art.

3) Offer Experiences, which will engage new audiences and future artists.

4) Connect and catalyze, which will connect artists with commercial opportunities and catalyze new futures in public art that inspire audiences.

To support these objectives, Microsoft will be joining as the Official Technology Partner, providing financial resources to the County and Lab participants.

The new Public Arts Future Lab will also include an Artist-in-Residence (AiR) Program, which will provide 3 artists with the resources to advance their craft and develop innovative works. Fulton County has partnered with Microsoft, MARTA Artbound (MARTA’s public art program), and Arts & Entertainment Atlanta to provide all the funding needed to manage the residency. With the support of Microsoft, artists will also have access to $15,000 and their process will be documented through a grant made to the County to appoint a creative agency.

Additionally, Fulton County is also partnering with Underground Atlanta who are providing a physical space for the Lab and Georgia State University - Creative Media Industries Institute, The Spelman Innovation Lab, and Georgia Tech Arts who are supporting through access to specialized knowledge and equipment.

To learn more visit http://fultonarts.org/.