Fulton County’s CONNECTED: Youth Leadership Program (CYLP) in Partnership with 21st Century Leaders

Fulton County’s CONNECTED: Youth Leadership Program (CYLP) in Partnership with 21st Century Leaders

August 01, 2023
Providing high school students with an experiential leadership and rewards program
The Fulton County Department of Community Development is partnering with 21st Century Leaders, Georgia’s premier youth leadership and non-profit organization, to connect, transform and inspire high school students from diverse backgrounds in Fulton County to become the next generation of leaders. Registration for participation in the program is from August 21 to September 18. Applicants must submit completed applications by Monday, September 18, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. 

Fulton County’s CONNECTED: Youth Leadership Program (CYLP) is an experiential program designed to provide students with a full year of robust experiences, enabling them to develop critical leadership knowledge, explore future career interests, and make informed decisions about the necessary educational and training pathways to achieve desired future career goals. Participants will also have access to live and online leadership training, special incentives, and connection with diverse peers and professionals throughout Fulton County.

Through this collaboration, YCS and 21st Century Leaders will follow an EPIC approach model: Engaging (fun and unique learning), Participatory (active and ongoing), Interactive (employer and training driven), and Connected (interest-driven/social developmental) utilizing 21st Century Leaders’ (21CL) proprietary online learning platform, Leadership Connect®, which is housed on Rali, an Atlanta based learning management system and one of 21CL’s partnering companies.

For consideration, students must meet the following criteria:

Must be enrolled in high school
Must be a Fulton County Resident
Access to a computer/tablet and Wi-Fi will be required to fully participate in this virtual leadership program
Leadership, recognition, and inclusivity describe just a few of the many qualities exemplified by CYLP. As such, there will be several opportunities throughout the year to provide incentives that encourage and reward participant engagement, including: 

$25 Sign-on
$25 New Year Bonus
$100 Weekly Gift Card Drawing 
$25 End-of-Year Bonus
Technology Prizes (Ear pods, Laptops, tablets)  
Special Experiences
Live Workshops + Leadership Summits
Opportunity for paid summer internship (seniors only) 

Completed applications may be submitted through the Fulton County website application link at www.fultoncountyga.gov/CYLP

For more information, please contact Dionne Ferrell, Youth Coordinator, at dionne.ferrell@fultoncountyga.gov.

About 21st Century Leaders
21st Century Leaders® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects, transforms, and inspires high school students from diverse backgrounds across Georgia to leverage diversity, explore career opportunities, and become leaders in their school, community, and ultimately the workforce. Since its inception in 1989, 21st Century Leaders has served more than 16,000 diverse high school students from over 250 Georgia high schools through year-round leadership development, diversity and inclusion training, and career exploration programs. For more information about 21st Century Leaders, visit www.21stcenturyleaders.org