Fulton County Solicitor General receives the 2023 Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Civil Rights Award

Fulton County Office of the Solicitor General receives the 2023 Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Civil Rights Award

August 09, 2023
National recognition honors the legacy of Nelson Mandela

The Fulton County Office of Solicitor-General has been awarded the 2023 Nelson Mandela Civil Rights Award for their creation of the Solicitor State Expedited Accusation Calendar (SEA) and Georgia's first Record Restriction Unit within a Prosecutor's Office. This prestigious national recognition is a tribute to Nelson Mandela's commitment to upholding justice, equity, and freedom.

“At every stage of Nelson Mandela’s life of service, he worked with others of like mind to achieve justice, equity, and freedom for all people,” said Keith Gammage, Fulton County Solicitor General. “My team and I are humbled to receive this national recognition for our success in improving public safety and building pathways to justice, equity, and freedom as well. These positive results are accomplished through great teamwork, ideas, and collaboration.”

In December 2020, the Solicitor Expedited Accusation calendar was created by Solicitor Gammage and was put into place amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Upon careful examination of previous procedures, the Solicitor-General Team discovered an opportunity to streamline the processing of misdemeanor criminal cases involving inmates. As a result of the implementation of the SEA Calendar, inmates arrested for misdemeanor offenses in Fulton County have their cases investigated and either dismissed, diverted, or formally charged on the same day of their arrest. Additionally, initial discovery is served, offers are communicated to the accused, and matters can be resolved or immediately tracked toward trial from the date of arrest. This new system allows for earlier victim contact, streamlines processes, and moves matters directly to State Court, whereas prior to its implementation, misdemeanor would linger without a state court hearing or opportunity for resolution. 

Historically, prosecuting offices have not taken the lead in implementing record restriction programs, however; in an unprecedented move to help non-violent offenders achieve success, the office established a record restriction unit for the County, whereby thousands of citizens have been given a renewed opportunity to pursue the American Dream with a clean record. This national recognition also acknowledges the youth gun violence prevention campaign and jobs over jails initiatives in partnership with the business community and organized labor.