Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall Receives Presidential Achievement Award

Fulton County Commissioner Natalie Hall Receives Presidential Achievement Award

December 08, 2023
The Commissioner is being recognized by President Joseph R. Biden for her commitment to service and youth in the community.
Fulton County District 4 Commissioner Natalie Hall is being celebrated for the tireless work she does in the community. Commissioner Hall will receive the prestigious "Presidential Achievement Award" on Friday, December 8.

The Commissioner will be recognized during the Honoring the Greats Award Night Ceremony in Atlanta, GA. The ceremony, which kicks off at 6 p.m., pays tribute and appreciation to those who have left an indelible mark on our lives. 

During the ceremony, Commissioner Hall will receive the President Joseph R. Biden Achievement Award. The distinguished honor is in recognition for the ongoing support she provides to the residents, communities, and youth in and around Fulton County.   

“I am truly thankful and grateful to be one of the many dedicated individuals who will be honored,” said Commissioner Hall. “Working to ensure that all residents and our youth have the resources needed to be successful is the type of Heart Work my office is committed to. While commitment to this work is our foundation, dedication to see it through is a promise my team and I stand on.”

The President's Volunteer Service Award is a prestigious honor and recognition program in the United States that acknowledges and celebrates the valuable contributions and commitment of individuals, groups, and organizations in volunteering and community service. This award was established by the President's Council on Service and Civic Participation in 2003 and is administered by the SWAT for Christ for Ameri CORP.