Announcement of Change In Fulton County Legal Organ for Public Notices

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Announcement of Change In Fulton County Legal Organ for Public Notices

December 22, 2023

Fulton County announces a change in the designated county legal organ from the Fulton County Daily Report to the Neighborhood Newspapers publication following the switch to digital-only distribution of the county’s current legal organ.

Three Fulton County Constitutional Officers, Clerk of Courts Ché Alexander, Chief Probate Judge Kenya Johnson and Sheriff Patrick Labat, made the change after receiving 30 days’ notice from the current legal organ, the Fulton County Daily Report of their new online format, making it unsuitable to serve as the county’s sole publication for legal notices. Legal notices include civil and criminal court dates, tax sales, foreclosures and probate filings. The change will become effective January 1, 2024, and is not expected to delay scheduled and required publication dates.

“Georgia law requires specific criteria for a county’s legal organ including print distribution, coverage area and percentage of paid subscribership. With short notice, we met with various print publications including the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Atlanta Journal Constitution and we were fortunate that the Neighborhood Newspapers was able to meet our technology and publication needs with short timing for a seamless transfer in services,” reported Probate Judge Kenya Johnson. The Daily Report served as Fulton County’s legal organ for decades and follows the business trend of newspapers nationally moving to online content only amidst rising print costs and shrinking print subscriptions.

“This transition is a result of extenuating circumstances beyond our control. After vetting all of the available options, we are confident that Fulton County residents will continue to have access to important notices in print and now online.  During this interim designation, we will continue to seek the best options for Fulton County and our residents,” states Clerk Alexander. “Recognizing the importance of ensuring seamless operations and compliance with legal requirements, this decision aims to guarantee that residents continue to receive vital information in the required printed form.”

The constitutional offices of Clerk of Courts, Probate Judge, and Sheriff are tasked together with designating the county’s legal organization under Georgia law. “Our research and collaboration underscores our commitment to upholding legal processes and maintaining transparency within Fulton County,” stated Sheriff Labat. “In addition to legal notices being available in print and now online, Fulton County’s website and those of our respective offices will also offer additional access to this important public information.“ 

To ensure a seamless transition, the filing location of the legal organ will remain at the same location in the Lewis Slaton Courthouse at 136 Pryor Street SW, Suite CB 14 Atlanta, GA 30303. For more information or inquiries, please contact the South Fulton Neighbor at (470) 990-4415.  The legal notice email address is Public notices can also be found online at