North Fulton County Boil Water Notice Near Crabble Rd Area

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North Fulton County Boil Water Notice - Near Crabble Rd. Area

February 04, 2024
The Fulton County Distribution System has issued a BOIL WATER Notice for a limited section of north Fulton County due to a Total coliform/ E. coli detection during routine sampling, near the 12500 – 12601 block of Crabapple Rd, Alpharetta.

The area is very limited, incorporating approximately a quarter-mile radius of this location.

The boil water notice area is generally east of Green Rd and Crabapple Rd but west of Broadwell Rd and Crabapple Rd, south of Mcfarlin Lane but north of Crabapple tree Ct. Although the source is known and confined, this notice was issued out of an abundance of caution. There is the potential that a health hazard may exist due to microbial contamination in this area.

Water customers may refer to the Map to view their location and verify if it is impacted.

Fulton County has already begun continuously sampling in the area. Samples collected upstream and downstream of the site were clear of contamination. Currently, the test results have pinpointed a sink at a business that may be the source.

To protect the public from a potential health hazard, customers in the area are advised to use only boiled tap or bottled water for drinking, cooking, or preparing food. To properly boil tap water for use, customers should:
• Heat water until bubbles come quickly from the bottom of the container.
• Continue heating the water for one minute once it begins to boil.
• Remove the water from the heat source and allow it to cool before use.

During a Boil Water Advisory, the Centers for Disease Control recommends that boiled tap water or bottled water be used for:
• Drinking
• Brushing teeth
• Washing food and preparing food and baby formula
• Making ice
• Drinking water for pets

Other activities, such as washing clothes and dishes, can be done without boiling tap water.

The notice is in effect until Fulton County has done the appropriate testing to be confident that there is no longer a public health concern. Customers will be notified immediately when the notice is lifted. Once the notice is lifted, you should flush all faucets for at least two minutes before drinking or food preparation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 404-664-5278.