Fulton County Approves Additional 2.25 Million in Funding for Arts Programming

Fulton County Approves Additional $2.25 Million in Funding for Arts Programming

February 07, 2024
In Fulton County’s FY24 budget, the Board of Commissioners allocated an additional $2.25 million in funding for arts programming.

This year’s investment includes funding for the following Department programs and initiatives:

- $1.7 million will be added to the base amount of $1.3 million for the Contracts for Services (CFS) program. This funding will be awarded to arts nonprofits following the competitive application process.
- $75,000 in support of the SoFu Festival, an innovative event that celebrates the fusion of art, food, and entertainment.
- $250,000 in support of Fulton Films, which supports filmmakers, producers, actors, and young adults who are interested in seeking a career in film or production.

The Contracts for Services Program provides funding opportunities for arts nonprofit agencies. Each year, Fulton County invests in non-profit organizations to ensure that Fulton County citizens enjoy a wide array of rich arts experiences. Funding awards ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 are available for Fulton County based artists, non-profit arts, organizations, non-profit cultural institutions, colleges and universities, schools, municipalities, and community based non-profit organizations in the form of essential project support.

“Contract For Services is one of Fulton County’s lifelines into our communities,” said Fulton County District 5 Commissioner Marvin Arrington, Jr., Strategic Priority Sponsor for Arts & Culture. “Through the Board of Commissioners renewed and continued support of CFS, arts nonprofits are able to infuse entertainment, education, and economic opportunities into our vibrant County.”

“I’m glad we were able to continue our unprecedented level of support for the Arts in Fulton County in our 2024 budget,” said Fulton County District 3 Commissioner Dana Barrett. “Communities that invest in the arts are safer, healthier, and have stronger growth than those that don’t. We understand this in Fulton and that is why we continue to support David Manuel and his team as they work to make Fulton the place to be for music, film, fashion, fine art, and more.”

“This additional $2.25 million is exciting news for Arts & Culture,” said Director David Manuel. “This funding will make a huge difference in terms of supporting department programs, initiatives, and non-profit agencies who work with Arts & Culture to bring vital services and programs to those in Fulton County.”

The Contracts for Services (CFS) Program provides unrestricted general operating and project support to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations, arts & culture organizations, cultural institutions, colleges, and universities, as well as units of government that produce or present ongoing arts programming for the general public. Award recipients present programs that reflect the cultural diversity of the County, captures the imagination of adults, families, and youth, invigorates neighborhood growth, and supports economic development.

Eligible applicants were encouraged to apply for these service contracts, which are designed to support arts programming taking place January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.

Since its inception in 1979, the Department of Arts & Culture has been committed to enhancing the quality of life for county residents and supporting cultural programs that provide art services to its communities.

The investment into the family fun SoFu Festival will further assist in highlighting Fulton County’s Fashion Art Culture & Education (FACE). One of the department’s newest initiatives, FACE boasts partnerships and collaborations with Amazon Corporation, Fulton County Schools, City of Atlanta, Clark Atlanta University, and other industry partners. Additionally, the Department will be collaborating with SCAD Atlanta. Through this partnership, they hope to create a platform that connects the general public with the creativity of SCAD students while simultaneously providing SCAD students with the opportunity to work with esteemed fashion designers.

As part of its commitment to creative industries, the investment into Fulton Films will also allow Arts & Culture to add Master Classes to teach and train students on careers in film.

For more information about ongoing programs and services, please visit: www.fultonarts.org or contact the Department of Arts & Culture at 404-612-4000.