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The purpose of redistricting is to ensure that the populations of districts are equitable. This is sometimes referred to as “one person, one vote.”

The US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia has ruled that the new maps for State House, State Senate, and Congressional districts signed into law earlier in December 2023 are in full compliance with legal requirements. This process affects district boundaries for U.S. Congress, Georgia General Assembly (House and Senate), County Commissioners, City Councils, and Boards of Education.

Redistricting changes that the General Assembly adopted in December 2023 Special Session will take effect for the purposes of the 2024 May Primary Election and 2024 November General Election.

Impacted voters should expect to receive updated precinct cards via postal mail. Voters can also view their voter information and print their precinct card, by visiting the SOS My Voter Page

If you do not believe your information on the SOS My Voter Page is accurate, please contact the Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections at 404-612-7020.

How do I find my districts?
Fulton County voters can verify their district information using Fulton County’s Interactive District finder tool. Fulton County District Finder

Why does Redistricting Matter to Me?
Thousands of Fulton County voters will be affected by the 2024 redistricting. Thirteen of Fulton County’s fifteen cities, as well as Unincorporated Fulton, will undergo redistricting changes. This means that your elected representatives may change for at least one office.

Where can I see updated district maps?
You can find additional information about the districts, including shapefiles, on the Legislative Reapportionment website: On the Reapportionment website, click on the tab labeled “Proposed Plans", look under “2023 Draft Maps", and look at the files labeled “As Passed."