E Rick Hart

E. Rick Hart

Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank

E. Rick Hart

A learner and career shifter, Rick leverages 20+years of Technology Infrastructure, strategic planning, Project and Program Management with information and security teams and business stakeholders in developing and implementing technology and security projects that enable business priorities while mitigating risk. He joined The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (FRBA) in April of 2019.

Passionate about ensuring the next generation of business and technology leaders are well equipped to address the evolving risks associated with information security, Rick currently serves as The Director of Career Placement at Cyversity (formerly The International Consortium of Minority and Cyber Professionals) as well as a champion of the Year Up program to ensure minority representation in all areas of Cyber Security.

Mr. Hart has a Bachelor of Science from Shorter University and a Professional Certificate of Completion in Cyber and Network Security from Georgia Institute of Technology.