Public Works Contacts

Public Works


Public Works Contacts

public works department


Director of Public Works

David E. Clark, P.E., Director of Public Works

Public Education & Outreach

Plans, implements, and manages the environmental education and awareness program centered around water conservation, water quality, and pollution prevention

Corlette Banks
Environmental Program Manager

Technical Services

Manages the capital improvement program related to water and sewer infrastructure improvements and provides engineering support to the water and wastewater divisions.

Terry Peters, P.E.
Deputy Director, Technical Services

Water System Distribution

Responsible for the distribution of water to residents north of the Chattahoochee River. 

Nick Ammons, P.E.    
Deputy Director, Water System    

Josh Van Horn 
Water Distribution System Manager
(404) 612-4217

Wastewater Collection and Reclamation

Responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater in the North Fulton and South Fulton County areas. 

Roy Barnes, P.E.

Deputy Director, Wastewater



Steven Jackson
Sewer System Superintendent

Travis Proctor
Sewer System Superintendent


O.P. Shukla
Sewer System Superintendent


Fulton County Executive Airport - Brown Field

Manages the operation of the Fulton County Executive Airport that provides private, general aviation services 

Jonathan Gauthier
Airport Manager

Transportation and Stormwater Services - Fulton Industrial District

Manages the roadway, traffic engineering, and stormwater infrastructure within the Fulton Industrial District

Wyvern Budram
Transportation Operations Manager

Planning & Zoning - Fulton Industrial District

Manages the zoning and planning activities, including permitting, for development within the Fulton Industrial District

David Clark
Assistant Administrator
(404) 612-2804 

Development Review and Permitting Services

Manages the permitting of new water and sewer systems as part of new development in North Fulton County and sewer systems in South Fulton County

Adriana Bustillos Lefkovits, P.E., CPM

Engineering Administrator


Emergency Contact Information

Sanitary Sewer Concerns: 

(South) – 404-612-3163

(North) – 404-612-3061

Drinking Water Concerns:  Areas North of Chattahoochee River: 770-640-3040

All Other Areas (including Sandy Springs): 404-658-7220

Water Billing and New Service inquiries