Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Water efficiency and conservation are essential to protect the current and future water supply for Fulton County and our region. The Department of Public Works has a number of programs available to help customers save water and money. View and download resources from this page and call (404) 612-7400 for more information about any of the programs. 

Household Water Conservation

Conserving water can save us money, keep our landscapes healthy, prevent damage to our homes, and have a positive impact on our communities and our region. Step one towards conservation is evaluating your current water use. Residential and commercial customers of Fulton County Water can find helpful guides and get personalized recommendations with our Water Efficiency Assessment.

If you’ve noticed a sudden spike or a steady rise in your water bill without explanation, a leak may be to blame. Download our leak detection checklist to help you determine if you have a leak and what may be the cause. One of the most common culprits is the toilet. If you live in an older home with an older toilet, you may be eligible for a rebate when you replace it.

For continual leak monitoring, consider installing a Smart Leak Detector. These devices are available in a wide variety, from sensors that can warn you about a failing appliance to in-line flow monitors that can alert you to a leak and even shut your water off in an emergency. Visit our rebate page to learn more. **PLEASE NOTE: Fulton County Water & Sewer does not allow any device to be installed on the meter or inside the meter box. These types of devices will not be rebated and will be removed if found. **

The best method for determining whether you have a water leak in your home is to follow this four step procedure; 

Outdoor Conservation

Many of us find our bills start to creep up as the heat of the summer intensifies. Watering of lawns and gardens, car-washing, power-washing, swimming pools, and other warm-weather water uses can cause an increase. Taking some small steps can help reduce summer’s impact on your wallet and on our water resources. To find information on current watering rules, please visit our drought status page.

To help plan and maintain a healthy landscape that’s not too thirsty, download the Water Wise Landscape Guide. If you use an automated irrigation system to water, be sure to give it a checkup at the beginning of the season and to properly winterize before cold weather hits. This Maintenance Guide for Landscape Irrigation Systems can help.

If you’d like to reduce your use by installing a rain barrel for your garden, join our Workshop Mailing List to get info on upcoming workshops.

EPA WaterSense Partnership

EPA Water Sense Partner

Fulton County Public Works has been a proud EPA WaterSense partner for over 15 years. Please visit their page to learn more about the WaterSense program, search for WaterSense labeled products, discover WaterSense New Homes, and find more water efficiency resources.