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Commission on Elder Affairs

Commission on Elder Affairs

This Commission was established by a Resolution of the Board of Commissioners on April 15, 1992 (Item #92-RC-148), to replace the Blue Ribbon Citizens' Panel on Disability Affairs, which expired on April 15, 1992 and amended by Resolution, April 21, 1993 (Item #93-RM-181). This Commission will identify and review factors in Fulton County that most directly affect the quality of life for persons with disabilities and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners.

Pursuant to Resolution #15-0109, adopted by the Board of Commissioners on February 4, 2015, the appointment process for the Commission on Disability Affairs consists of the following amendments to the Resolution of the Board of Commissioners governing the apptointment process and terms of the Commission on Disability Affairs, Item 93-RM-181, adopted April 21, 1993: The Commission on Disability Affairs shall consist of a total of sixteen (16) members to serve staggered two (2) year terms and appointed as follows: 

Each member of the Board of Commissioners shall appoint two (2) members, one of said appointees shall have an initial term, of one (1) year; No term of any member shall extend beyond the term of the District Commissioner who appointed the member to serve on the Commission for Disability Affairs; The Commission on Disability Affairs shall appoint two (2) members, who receive the consent of the majority of the members of the Commission on Disability Affairs and one (1) of the appointees shall have an initial term of one (1) year. 
The Commission on Disability Affairs appointees shall be made for the purpose of maintaining diversity.
After the intial terms, terms shall be two (2) years, staggered. No term of any member shall extend beyond the term of the District Commissioner who appointed the member to serve on the Commission for Disability Affairs.

Compensation: YES        Stipend: $50/meeting

Meetings: Every other month on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m., Meetings are held via Zoom.

Contact(s): Niger Thomas, Director
Office of Diversity and Civil Rights Compliance
141 Pryor Street, 5th Floor
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
404-612-0960 (office) 404-612-3735 (main)

MEMBER                     APPOINTMENT                                TERM ENDING

Ms. Anne              District 7 Nominated By:                         12/31/2023
F. Currie                    Chairman Robert L. Pitts                                       
2 Mr. Kenneth         District 4 Nominated By:                          12/31/2022
Haider-Bardill          Commissioner Natalie Hall                                                                        
3 Mrs. Maliha           District 4-a Nominated By:                      12/31/2023
Haider-Bardill           Commissioner Natalie Hall                    

4 Dr. Rometta Powell  District 3-a Nominated By:                    7/31/2014
                                        Commissioner Robb Pitts

5 Dr. Jane Ridley           District 5 Nominated By:                     12/31/2022
                                  Commissioner Marvin S. Arrington

6 Ms. Vernitia              District 6-a Nominated By:                   12/31/2022
Shannon              Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman                 

7 Mr. Robert Smith    District 5-a Nominated By:                    12/31/2021
                                   Commissioner Marvin S. Arrington

8 Mr. Derrick Tuff      District 3 Nominated By:                       12/31/2023
                                     Commissioner Lee Morris

9 Ms. Mary Ulich        District 1 Nominated By:                       12/31/2022
                                  Commissioner Liz Hausmann

10 Ms. Sheneice         District 6 Nominated By:                       12/31/2020
S Willis                         Commissioner Joe Carn