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jail programs

Young achievers/Man Up Programs

The Young Achievers/Man Up Programs focus on the juvenile’s life purpose exercises, future-self and also aims at changing their mind-set. The goal is for them to be able to live a life free from crime, while developing life skills. The objective of the Baby Boot Camp Program is to give the 17-year-old inmates some type of physical fitness that exerts energy on something productive.

New Beginnings Program

This program is for female inmates to helps them channel their anger and conflict in a positive manner by using different methods.

GED Program

The GED Program prepares and tests inmates for competency in the main subjects taught during secondary school, such as math, science, social studies, writing and critical reading. If the inmates pass in these areas, they will receive a General Educational Development Certificate, which is widely accepted as a substitute for a high school diploma. More than 60 inmates have received a GED through this program.

Cosmetology Program

This is a four week program for female inmates which uses varies cosmetology tools such as clips, combs, application brushes, mannequin heads, and cosmetology books to train inmates in the cosmetology field. Participants then present their perfect hairstyle during a graduation ceremony and receive a braiding certificate which can be presented to any salon for employment.

Canine Program

The Canine Program consist of inmates and dogs that have faced isolation and rejection by the outside world, but when they come together, they often give each other a new found sense of hope. This is an 11 week program which consists of dog training classes, arts and crafts, computer classes and volunteer speakers. At the end of the program, the dogs are adopted to a loving family.

SMART Re-Entry Program

This program target inmates ages 18-24 who reside in zone 4 with specific zip codes. The goal is to successfully offer the inmates new skills, knowledge, and motivation to enter back into our communities with help from trained professionals. Once the participants leave the Fulton County Jail, they will continue this program at the @ Promise Center upon their release.

Journey to Wholeness Program

This program consists of substance abuse classes, anger management, job readiness and group therapy.

Competency Program

The Competency Program is designed to help you become competent to stand trial and get your legal cases resolved. This program was developed to assist defendants who are involved in the criminal justice system in Fulton County Court System. Most of the defendants in the program came to the attention of the court as a result of mental health, cognitive and /or other problems, which interfere with the defendants’ competency to stand trial. The Competency Program consist of daily group and individual meetings with Clinical Team Members and Program Administrative Staff.

Pre-Stabilization Program

This program deals with intensive substance abuse behavior modification practices to prepare offenders for release into the community so they can become productive citizens in the future.

Platform of Hope

Platform of Hope is a program for female inmates with a goal of reducing recidivism while increasing self-esteem and economic sustainability. This a 12-week course which focuses on soft skills application, job readiness, basic computer skills plus supportive employment. Platform of Hope also partners with area employers to hire female offenders upon release in order to ensure a successful re-entry for released females.