Statement from Fulton County Registration and Elections

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Statement from Fulton County Registration and Elections

June 08, 2020
From Board of Registration & Elections Chair Mary Carole Cooney & Director of Registration & Elections Richard L. Barron
On behalf of the Fulton County Board of Registration and the Department of Registration & Elections, we want to thank the more than 6,000 voters who stood in the sun and rain for many hours during the last day of early voting on Friday, June 5. In total, more than 30,458 Fulton County voters cast their ballots during the Early Voting period.

This election cycle has brought an unprecedented number of challenges --- from date changes, changes in locations, the availability of poll workers, restrictions related to COVID, coronavirus infections among Department of Registration and Elections employees and more.

We have received many questions from voters and are carefully reviewing them to make improvements both for Tuesday’s election and for upcoming elections, including the General Election in November

Most troubling is the number of voters who applied for absentee ballots but never received them. That is an issue that will take time to determine but we promise you that we will review the steps involved and any mistakes made to give you an answer that will serve us all better in the next election.

Polls will be open on Tuesday, June 9 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. For voters who will be casting your ballots on Tuesday, we implore you to review your Georgia My Voter Page as the Election Day polling locations have changed for thousands of Fulton County voters.

Please be patient as our social distancing requirements may result in longer lines as we space out voters and equipment. We are adding additional line staff and technicians who can assist voters, and we are adding tents and chairs to locations where lines may be expected.

Fulton County voters can learn more about June 9 Election, including absentee ballot drop boxes, Election Day polling places, sample ballots, and more at